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River Walk - Acrylic
1 1/2 inch flat wash brush, 3/4 inch flat wash brush and the Number 8 Round I also used a Cotman number 2 Rigger Brush.  The paints I used were Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic.  Cobalt Blue, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Hookers Green, Buff Titanium, Paynes Grey and Alizarin Crimson.  These Acrylics can be used like oil on a canvas as well as on watercolour or acrylic paper but the beauty about acrylic is that you can paint light on dark.  I used Winsor & Newton Artists Canvas Board for this painting.   Click here if you would like to purchase any of these items at a discounted price.
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To finish this painting firstly add some light to the tree trunks by using your number 8 Round Brush and Buff Titanium to the left and Raw Umber to the middle of the trunks, merge this with your finger.  Now add the foliage to the trees by stippling on, with your 3/4 inch flat brush, a mix of Hookers Green with a touch of Paynes Grey, followed by a mix of Paynes Grey and Cobalt Blue to the right and base of the leaves and Buff Titanium to the top and left to give light and shadow.  For the grasses separating your path from the river use a mix of Hookers Green and Paynes Grey and use the same technique as you did with the other grasses.  Make the mix a bit darker with more Paynes Grey for the foreground grasses.  Now add a few touches of white here and there to your river to give it movement and now the only thing left is the shadow.  Use a mix of Cobalt Blue, Alizarin Crimson and and tiny touch of Paynes Grey.  Apply the shadow as you can see in this image  make sure you crate shape to the landscape with your shadow.  Add more water to this mix and put shadow to the left of your path to add shadow and depth.  Don't forget to sign your painting and its all done.

I hope you've enjoyed this project.  If you would like me to review your work please feel free to e-mail me at with a digital picture of your achievement or tag me on twitter @LeanneEllisArt
On this first image, again, it looks like I have started without you.  Thats because the the drawing has to be done after the sky is put in or you will lose the drawing and have to do it again.  Firstly using my 1 1/2 inch wash brush I pre-stained the canvas using well watered Yellow Ochre.  this provides a base colour.  Once that is completely dry I put my sky wash in using the same brush and Cobalt Blue mixed with Titanium White.  For the clouds I simply used Titanium White with a touch of Paynes Grey at the base and blended it in with my finger.  Once completely dry (shouldn't take long) pop your drawing on.  This one is quite a basic drawing.
For the distant trees I used my Number 8 Round Brush and stippled on a mixture of Hookers Green and Raw Umber.  Whilst still wet stipple on Cobalt Blue with a tiny touch of Paynes Grey to the right and bottom of the trees and Buff Titanium to the top and right.  This will give the impression of the light coming from the left.  Once this is done, Using the Cotman Rigger Brush and watered down Paynes Grey I added a few trunks and branches here and there.  Don't do too many as less is more when painting distance.  Tap the top of the branches with your finger to soften them in.
For the distant grasses use a mix of Hookers Green and Buff Titanium.  Put plenty of water in this mix to allow the under colour to show through.  Using the 3/4 inch flat wash brush paint in the distant grasses using the brush to shape the landscape.  Add tiny touches of Hookers Green mixed with a touch of Paynes Grey just under the trees to add shadow and depth.  Looking at the water, this is just a base wash.  Simply fill in the area using the 3/4 inch flat wash brush and a mixture of Cobalt Blue, a touch of Hookers Green and a touch of Burnt Sienna.  Make sure you use side to side strokes as this is water and your brush strokes will shape the landscape.
As you can see from this image I have created a reflection of the trees in the river.  This is done using the same technique and colours as the distant trees.  The reflection does not have to be an exact replica of the trees, don't worry too much as most of it will be covered later.
It looks like loads has been done but its not that much.  Firstly, using well watered Paynes Grey stroke over the path area using the 3/4 inch wash brush.  While that is drying create your grasses.  This is done again using the 3/4 inch flat wash brush and a mix of Hookers Green and Paynes Grey.  Add plenty of water to this mix to allow the under colour to show through here and there.  Use your brush to flick up to create your grasses.  Once this is done its time to do the tree trunks and branches.  Don't worry about too much detail as most will be covered by foliage.  Simply use Paynes Grey with not much water and your number 8 round brush.  For the water its simply the same mix used as before with Titanium White mixed in and plenty of water so the reflections show through.
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