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Leeds Castle, Kent - Watercolour
The bushes used in this painting are Winsor & Newton Cotman brushes and I used 4 in this painting.
1 1/2 inch flat wash brush, 3/4 inch flat wash brush, Number 8 Round and a Number 2 Rigger.  The paints I used were Winsor & Newton Artists Quality Watercolours.  Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Hookers Green, Light Red and Alizarin Crimson. I also used a colour by the SAA called Sand Stone.  I used Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolour Paper, 140lbs and simply taped it, on all edges, to a board. Click here if you would like to purchase any of these items at a discounted price.
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To finish this painting add the tree and grasses in the foreground.  Don't go too detailed with these  simply stipple on Yellow Ochre followed by Hookers green mixed with a lot of Burnt Sienna followed by blue.  For the grasses I used my 3/4 inch Flat Wash brush to fill in the area with the same colours and flicked the paint up here and there.  Once done, remove your tape and admire your hard work.

I hope you've enjoyed this project.  If you would like me to review your work please feel free to e-mail me at with a digital picture of your achievement or tag me on twitter @LeanneEllisArt
Click on any of the images to see a larger picture.  As you can see from this first one, I started off with an outline drawing.  Don't go into too much detail as it will be lost when the paint starts to go on, shading is not done in pencil, this happens when the paint goes on.
Using the 1 1/2 inch wash brush, pre-wet the entire sky area fill it in with a strong Ultramarine Blue.  It needs to be strong as it will dry lighter than when you put it on.  Rinse out your brush, squeeze out excess water and take out some clouds.  Make sure the brush is damp to get the best effect with clouds.  Wash out your brush again and mop up where your sky has gone into your buildings   Let this dry completely.
Once the sky is dry, fill the whole castle in with Charles Evans Sand using the Number 8 Round Brush, making sure you use plenty of water.  While that is still wet, blob on Yellow Ochre here and there, followed by Raw Umber, Light Red and Ultramarine Blue.  Rinse out your brush, squeeze out excess water and merge these colours in together.  Don't merge it completely as this will give the effect of stone from a distance.
Do the same for the reflections but leave out the Ultramarine Blue as this will be added in with the water later.  Once dry, fill in the roof with Raw Umber and add a touch of blue to the dark side of the roof.  The light is coming fro the right in this picture.
As you can see from this picture, the castle now looks like a castle.  Simply mix your black using Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna and block in all windows using the Number 8 Round for the larger windows and the Number 2 Rigger for the smaller ones.  Work on the castle ones first followed by the reflection.  Once you have finished the reflection windows, the windows on your castle should be dry.  Again, using the Number 8 Round Brush add your shadows using a mix of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and a touch of Burnt Sienna.
While this is drying you can fill in the wall in front of the castle with the same mix used onthe castle.  Wait a couple of minutes for that to dry then add some greenery.  For the trees, using the Number 8 Round Brush, stipple on Yellow Ochre to the tops and right of the trees.  Repeat this process all over the tree area with a mix of Hookers Green with a touch of Burnt Sienna.  While still wet stipple in Ultramarine Blue to the bottom and left of the bushes and trees.  Rinse out your brush and with a clean damp brush merge these colours together. Don't forget your reflections. Time for a cup of tea to let this all dry.
Once your painting is dry we need to get the water on but before that, those distant hills could do with being painted.  This is simply yellow ochre followed by a mix of Hookers Green and Yellow Ochre and blue in the base and to the left.  Use your brush to shape the landscape and merge the colours together on the paper.  For the water  I used my 3/4 inch Flat Wash Brush for the water with a mix of Ultramarine Blue, a touch of Hookers Green and a touch of Burnt Sienna.  Its important that you put plenty of water in this mix so the underpainting shows through.  Using side to side motions, stroke on the water making sure you only go over each section once or you could disturb the under painting.
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