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Lake District - Acrylic
The bushes used in this painting are Winsor & Newton Galeria brushes and I only used 3 in this painting.
1 1/2 inch flat wash brush, 3/4 inch flat wash brush and the Number 8 Round.  The paints I used were Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic.  Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Hookers Green, Buff Titanium Paynes Grey and Alizarin Crimson.  These Acrylics can be used like oil on a canvas as well as on watercolour or acrylic paper but the beauty about acrylic is that you can paint light on dark.  I used Winsor & Newton Artists Stretched Canvas for this painting.  Click here if you would like to purchase any of these items at a discounted price.
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To finish this painting we need to concentrate on the trees.  Using my Number 8 Round Brush I added Raw Umber to the trunks of the trees followed by Buff Titanium to the left and merged it together with my finger.  For the foliage I used my 3/4 inch flat wash brush and a mix of Hookers Green and Burnt Sienna.  I split my brush in my palette and stippled on the foliage.  I used Paynes Grey in the same way for the dark areas in the trees and a touch of Buff Titanium for the light areas.  Now its time to add shadow to the landscape and for this I used a mix of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson and a touch of Burnt Sienna.  I used this quite strongly in the foreground (but still enough water to make the colour transparent.  Adding more water to the mix I added shadows on the distant hills.  Job done.

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On this first image it looks like I have started without you.  Thats because the the drawing has to be done after the sky is put in or you will lose the drawing and have to do it again.  Firstly using my 1 1/2 inch wash brush I pre-stained the canvas using well watered Yellow Ochre.  this provides a base colour.  Once that is completely dry I put my sky wash in using the same brush and Ultramarine Blue mixed with Titanium White.  For the clouds I simply used Titanium White and blended it in with my finger.  Once completely dry (shouldn't take long) pop your drawing on.
For the distant hills I used my Number 8 Round Brush and using Buff Titanium for the light areas, Hookers Green and Raw Umber mixed for the grassy areas and Ultramarine Blue for the base I filled in the area using my brush to shape the landscape.  Make sure that these colours are not too strong as this hill is in the far distance.
Using the same brush and colours as before, fill in the surrounding hills making them a little bit stronger as these ones are closer.  Again its important to use touches of Ultramarine Blue to the shaded areas and the base of the hills to separate them.
For this section I created rocks by firstly filling in the area with Buff Titanium and whilst still wet I went over with Paynes Grey.  Its important that you put the Paynes Grey where you want your shadows and use a clean damp brush to blend it into the light.  Little bits of the underneath colour will come through too as this is all done whilst still wet. and remember, its your brush that creates the shape of the landscape.
Here are a few more rocks done in the same way.
In this section I used my Number 8 Round Brush and a mix of Hookers Green and Raw Umber, Buff Titanium for the highlights and Paynes Grey (tiniest amount) for the darker areas.  Again, use your brush to give the landscape some shape.
Here you can see quite a lot has been done.  Firstly the distant hill on the left has been done using the Hookers Green and Raw Umber mix and plenty of Raw Umber mixed in on the canvas to provide shape.  The water was firstly filled in using my 3/4 in flat wash brush and Ultramarine Blue with a tiny touch of Hookers Green and a tiny touch of Burnt Sienna.  Mix plenty of this as you will be using it again later.  The reflections are going to be mostly covered to there is no need to go into too much detail and is the same colours used in the main part of the hill.
While the water is drying I finished the hill to the far left giving the impression of rocks in the grass using my Number 8 Round Brush to shape the hillsides.  Remember that this side is darker that the hills on the right as the light is coming from the left leaving the left hand hills in shadow.  To darken the colours you already have, simply add a small amount of Paynes Grey to your mix.
The foreground grasses are done simply with my 3/4 inch flat wash brush.  I filled in the area loosely with a mix of Hookers Green and Burnt Sienna flicking up here and there to give the impression of long grasses.  Its important to leave the base wash showing through to give texture in light and dark.  For the tree trunks I used my Number 8 Round Brush and just Paynes Grey.
Now your water is dry add some Titanium White to your existing water mix and lightly go over the water leaving gaps for the dark to show through.  Remember to keep your brush strokes side to side to shape the top of the water.  Once you are satisfied add a few touches of white here and there to give light reflection off the surface of the lake.
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