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4 Artist Markers by Pēbēo

These markers are fabulous for line art, contemporary art, card making, fine art oil painting or any painting at any time.  Attached are 2 videos using these markers for simple landscape paintings.  Both are done in real time.  Watch and see for yourself the amazing effects you can achieve with these markers. 

The bonus is that, even though these are oil paints, they dry incredibly quickly allowing you to pack your painting away after 15-20 minutes without fear or damaging your work or getting oil paint in your car.

I love to use these markers when I am planning a large project.  They allow me to sketch, doodle and experiment on any surface quickly, easily and effectively without having to take a large painting kit out on location.  Plus you can use them for creating some beautiful artwork.  A must have for any artist!

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Mixed Media by Pēbēo
All I can say about these products is WOW!!!! Any surface, any colour, any design, what more can I say?

Fantasy Prisme gives a honeycomb effect whilst drying but can do so much more.  Im amazed at the effects that can happen when mixed together with other mixed media on canvas or other surfaces.

Fantasy Moon gives a hammered metal effect but mixing it with Vitrail it can explode in to a kaleidoscope of effect and colour.

Vitrail is technically a glass paint.  The actual translation of Vitrail means stained glass.  However, don't let the name fool you.  You can paint on any surface with this paint and when mixed with Fantasy Moon or Fantasy Prisme can reveal a new effect that is both surprising and pleasing. 

I have attached a project of mine from YouTube to show you the effects you can create.  This is the short version.  For the longer version with full descriptions click the link under the video.

For great prices on Pēbēo Mixed Media  click here
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Painting in Watercolour - Castles of the UK now available

10 castles step by step in a full comprehensive guide.  The drawings are in the back so all you have to do is paint.

Art in the Pen
What an amazing show this was.  The live art theatre was an amazing success and the sheep was won in the raffle for guide dogs for the blind.  A date for your diary next year click here for more information.  Here I am painting using Pebeo 4 Artist Markers.
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Ive been to some amazing art groups this year.  Id like to thank everyone at all these groups for making me so welcome.  I hope to see you all soon. 
Penn Art Group
Here you can find my latest paintings for sale as well as free projects for you to complete.   You can navigate this site by the tabs at the top or by the site map at the bottom of this page.
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These Markers by Pēbēo are absolutely fantastic for oil painting on the go.  Pop them in your bag with a Pop Art Canvas pad, a little medium and a couple of brushes and you can paint anything!
Pebeo Head Office, Gemenos, France
Pebeo have an amazing team.  In the south of France they flew the Union Jack for our visit
New Acrylic Painting Project

Broadway Village in the Cotswolds is now available as a free step by step project.  Click Here to view this project

Watercolour Sticks by Winsor & Newton
The new watercolour sticks are absolutely amazing.  They are Professional Artists quality and I feel that they bridge the gap between the watercolour pencils, the pans and the tubes.

You can use them to sketch directly onto the paper, you can take colour off the sticks directly with a brush as they melt faster than pans, also they are as strong as the tubes in colour.  These sticks are an absolute essential for the travelling artist.  When Im on location with these sticks I don't take a pallet.  I smily place the sticks between my fingers and take one out to draw, use a brush and even mix the colours directly on the sticks or paper.  They can be used with any of the Winsor & Newton Watercolour range which makes them versatile at home, in the studio or out on location.

Ill be the first to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about the sticks when they first came out but trying is believing and I can guarantee that if you try them you will love them.

Click here for the full FAQ sheet about the sticks. 
For more information visit the Winsor & Newton Website
New Watercolour Markers by Winsor & Newton
When I was first told that watercolours were going to be made into marker pens I couldn't see how they were going to work.  Work they do, fabulously.

These markers are not quite Professional Artists Quality but they are way above Cotman quality.  They have a fine nib for all those details that are difficult to get with a brush, they also have a wide brush end for filling in larger areas.   Taking them out on location is an absolute treat because I pop them in my shoulder bag and sit in a field with my pad of Winsor & Newton Watercolour Marker Paper (Bockingford paper) and sketch what I see.  Adding water to the painting turns it into a full watercolour painting.

To fill a larger area I place my 1 1/2 inch wash brush on a hard surface and press the markers directly onto the brush, add a little water and its ready for a sky wash.  If i need to mix the colours I do it directly on the paper or on a bit of the masking tape I use at the edge of my paper.  These markers are truly amazing and I wouldn't leave home without mine in my bag.

Click here for the full FAQ sheet about the markers. 
For more information visit the Winsor & Newton Website
New YouTube Videos.  Click the image to subscribe to my channel

Click here for full length video
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